Stels Navigator 300 Lady Z010

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Stels Navigator 300 Lady z010 (2018) is a classic women's walking bike, the look of which is familiar to us from childhood.

Extremely simple equipment allows you to operate this bike in a wide variety of conditions, without worrying about the need for complex maintenance or sudden repair of components and components.
in order to make the bike comfortable for girls, the upper tube of the frame has an underestimated position compared to men's models, allowing you to ride a bike in any clothes.
The single-speed foot-brake drive is convenient when used in or out of town. Some sections of roads with steep and long climbs can cause some discomfort, where you will have to exert great efforts to maintain a constant speed.
Buy a bike Stels Navigator 300 Lady z010 (2018) - the perfect option, suitable for those who do not want to worry about the constant maintenance of the bike.