Horst Wonne

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Classic City / Road Bike for Girls by Horst. Strong steel lowered frame, 28 inch wheels, rim brakes and 1 speed.

Horst Wonne (2018) is the simplest model of a female city bike. The frame has a female geometry with an extremely lowered upper tube, which will allow you to ride a bicycle in dresses or use it to people who, due to their health, are limited in movement. The bike is suitable for traveling on city streets, and thanks to the spring-loaded seat and universal tires, it can also be used on country roads. For the convenience of urban use, wings and a trunk are installed, as well as simple but reliable rim brakes. The model has one speed, suitable for those who are used to the classic Soviet road builders on 28 inch wheels.

type - urban, road, female
frame - steel
frame size - 16 ”, 18”
depreciation - no
hard fork
brakes - rim
wheel diameter - 28 ”
number of speeds - 1